Prepaid U.S. SIM Card For Travel & Long-term Use. Best Price Guarantee: 78% Cheaper Than Buying In The U.S.

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Customer review Europe


“I planned a one month round trip through europe and thats when I found Gloka. I choose the 10GB Plan for a month. 4G was fast and worked well in all countries I went to. (Austria,France, Italy, Spain, Portugal). Calls also were no problem at all. Delivery of the simcard was also super fast, just plug and play and I was ready to go. The service was also amazing, got an answer via email super quick.”

us sim card review


“Working in education industry, I have had the chance to travel internationally for my job. Since I knew about Gloka, I have used their international sim cards for my travels to the US and other countries. The internet speed and coverage are great, their service and support are also top notch. I find the card is reliable and a great value for money. Thank you, Gloka.”

Canada sim card review


“Visited Canada with my wife to attend a wedding, and decided to try Gloka’s SIM card. Everything worked well, the internet was fast and we could use VOIP to call back home with no problem. The only thing faster than the internet in Canada was the speed of money leaving my wallet. Anyways, great product. Thank you, Gloka.”

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1. How long does it take to have my order shipped?
  • Free shipping for min 500.000 VND order: it takes appoprimately 1-2 working days to have order processed and shipped to address in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Can Tho, Da Nang, 2-3 working days for Hai Phong City (suburb address takes extra 1-2 days). Other provinces: 3-4 working days (suburb address takes extra 1-2 days).
  • Gloka NOW – Express delivery in 2 hours (apply only for Ho Chi Minh City city center, Da Nang city center and Hanoi city center): delivery service is fulfilled by a third party, the shipping fee is based on KM. Offer: Free shipping in District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City for the order that purchased more than 2 cards.
2. Which channel to contact if there's a problem?

If you can’t use the SIM card while in abroad, please follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Please read the product’s manual and check the following:
    • Data roaming: is it ON or OFF? If it’s off, please switch ON
    • Manually set APN according to instruction in the product’s manual
    • Restart your phone
  2. Step 2: If none of the attempts in Step 1 work, please contact us via email: or Zalo 0966871198
3. How to check my US phone number?

Please dial #686# (T-Mobile) in the US to view your phone number. Or view on your phone:

Depending on your phone’s model and software version, these steps may vary slightly. Generally, on Android devices, you can find your phone number through the Settings > About phone > Status.

The easiest way to locate your phone number on an iOS device is from Settings > Phone. In addition, iTunes can also reveal this information by connecting your phone to a computer through a USB cable.

4. What is Gloka's warranty policy for US SIM cards?

+ T-Mobile/ AT&T products: Gloka will exchange the faulty card (show No SIM) in Vietnam before your departure day. Please make sure to test your SIM Card when you receive it according to the product’s manual and have us assisted if there is a problem.

+ Other US SIM card products: Gloka will refund 100% if there is a “No sim” problem.

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