USA Prepaid SIM Card T-Mobile Combo 1-12 Months



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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

USA Prepaid SIM Card T-Mobile 4G Unlimited Combo 1-12 Months Short Description:

With the USA prepaid SIM card from T-Mobile, 4G Unlimited Combo 1-12 months you will get:

  • Voice & Text messages: Unlimited local calls and SMSes in the US
  • Mobile data: Unlimited high-speed internet access (5G/4G) in the US and mobile hotspot sharing (3G speed)
  • HOT offer this month: free Canada/Mexico roaming feature worth $5/month. Exclusive to Gloka T-Mobile SIM cards.
  • A discounted top-up service by Gloka. (learn more about this service in our detailed product description)
  • Already in the US? You can still book our service (learn more about this from our detailed product description)


+ This SIM card is compatible with mobile devices only; it is not suitable for use with tablets or WI-FI pockets.

+ This SIM card does not have roaming service outside of the U.S

USA Prepaid SIM Card T-Mobile Combo 1-12 months Detailed Description:

This SIM card is a product of T-Mobile – the 3rd largest telecommunications company in the US with roughly 80 million mobile subscribers as of 2019. T-Mobile has nationwide coverage including Hawaii but excluding Guam.

Buying your T-Mobile SIM card from Gloka allows you to experience the same service as purchasing at a T-Mobile store, but at a cheaper price, only $44 – $46/ month (price in the US: $50/month).

No passport information is needed. We help you to activate the card according to your travel plans at no extra cost. The card is ready to use when you land in the US, easy and convenient. Buy a U.S T-Mobile long-term plan at Gloka and save up to $16-$18!

We also offer a monthly top-up service (see more at Monthly Top-up Service” section). Please note that this plan does not support Stateside International Talk, if you need this feature, please see T-Mobile short term plan 3-60 Days here

Note: the U.S phone number will be randomly chosen by the system. If you wish to have a phone number generated from your citys ZIP code, please see T-Mobile Plan B.

This card includes:


Unlimited call to the US’s phone numbers. Unlimited incoming calls (including calls from abroad).

This is a US card with a US phone number (+1 prefix)

Text Messages

Unlimited SMS to the US’s phone numbers.

Mobile Internet

Unlimited high-speed internet access (5G/ 4G speed)* and unlimited mobile hotspot with 3G speed (500 Kbps).

*T-Mobile advises that you may experience a slower internet speed when you have used 50GB of data. No overages or data caps apply on our network but data prioritization will be noticeable but only when you access a congested tower and have used over 50GB of data in a particular billing cycle. You will continue to get unlimited high-speed data in the US on your smartphone when you are not accessing a congested tower. See more details here

**Phone specification requirements:

  1. GSM 1900 to make calls
  2. 4G LTE band 2/ 4/ 12 to access 4G Speed (if your device does not support required bands, it likely shows No service or has weak signals in most cases). Check out AT&T here if your device doesn’t meet T-Mobile’s specification requirements

To check whether your device is compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G bands, please contact our customer service for a device check.

T-Mobile Coverage Check: click here

HOT offer this month: 

Free Canada/Mexico roaming feature worth $5/month. This feature includes: Unlimited call/SMS to the US/ Canada and Mexico’s phone numbers, 5GB of high speed roaming data to Canada and Mexico (speed throttled to 2G speed – 128kbps if 5GB high-speed data is used up)


We will attend to ensuring that your SIM card is activated according to your travel plans (U.S. time). The card is ready to use when you arrive in the U.S.

Kindly provide the requested activation information on our convenient form on the product page to ensure that your card is ready to use when you land in the U.S. For your convenience and to save you time and trouble. Gloka will provide this information to T-Mobile so that all you have to do is insert the SIM card into your compatible device when you arrive in the U.S.

Extend the SIM cards duration

We provide a monthly top-up service, please contact us to top up the card 5 days prior to the plans expiry date. The card will be locked by the system if no top-up request is received. Re-activation fee in this case costs 15 USD and the phone number will be changed after the reset.

Please click here to buy a top-up voucher


  • The SIM card can only be topped up on our system. It cannot be topped up via the T-Mobile website or vouchers available for purchase at retail outlets.
  • We only provide this top-up service for phone numbers provided by Gloka.

Book our service in the US

If you are already in the U.S and wish to try our service, please choose one of the following options:

  1. Buy a blank T-Mobile SIM card and provide us with the serial number of a new T-Mobile blank SIM card: you can buy a T-Mobile blank SIM card online or at Wal-Mart or other retail store. Please note that this card has to be completely new and not yet activated.
  2. Use our shipping service: we will deliver a SIM card to your address in the US within 3-5 working days, this service costs $15.
  3. e-SIM: our T-Mobile service is also available for eSIM, please check if your phone supports eSIM.

Terms and Conditions:

Please check our Terms and Conditions at this link before placing an order.


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