Korea Data SIM Card 5GB-20GB


Từ: 208.000VND

Từ: 208.000VND

Korea Data SIM Card 5GB-20GB Short Description:

With the Korea Data SIM Card 5GB-20GB you will get:

  • Flexible choice of mobile data plans: 5GB/ 10GB/ 15GB/ 20GB of mobile data. Mobile hotspot sharing is supported
  • Top-up service (see more at Detailed Product Description)


+ This is a data-only SIM card, it does not support offline calling and does not have a phone number. If you are looking for a SIM card that can make calls, please see: Korea Voice+Data SIM Card

+ This SIM card is compatible with mobile devices only, it is not applicable for tablets or Wi-Fi pockets

Korea Data SIM Card 5GB-20GB Detailed Description:

This is a data-only Korea SIM card – uses SK Telecom’s signal (one of the biggest telecom companies in S.Korea).

This card is a ready to use card, please insert card into your phone upon arrival, it will automatically connect to SKT’s mobile network signal. No passport information is needed.

Flexible choice of days: 7 Days – 30 Days

Best price guarantee: save up to 40-50% when purchasing from Gloka compared to buying a SIM card in Korea.

This card includes:

Mobile Internet 

Available mobile data plans: 5GB/ 10GB/ 15GB/ 20GB (if data allowance is used up, the internet then stops).

Mobile hotspot sharing is supported.

Are you looking for a greater data product? Please see Korea Travel SIM card 3GB/day

Extend cards duration

Gloka offers a worry-free extension on the period of validity of the SIM card should your stay in Korea be extended. Please either contact our customer service or order online 3 days before the plan ends in order to purchase a top-up.


+ The card can only be extended by Gloka.

+ Gloka can only provide top-up service for SIM cards we sell

+ The price of the top-up voucher is the price of the plan. You can either choose to purchase on this product page or contact us to buy a voucher (if you order online please provide us with your card’s serial number in the note section at Checkout)

+ Please note that you can only refill the same plan as your current mobile plan, e.g: if your current plan is a 5GB 7 days plan, you can only choose a 5GB 7 days plan option.

Terms and Conditions:

Please check our Terms and Conditions at this link before placing an order.


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