Japan Data Sim Card KDDI (Au)


Từ: 285.000VND

Từ: 285.000VND

Japan Data SIM Card Twise – Docomo/ KDDI (Au) Signals Short Description:

With the Japan Data SIM Card Twise – Docomo/ KDDI (Au) signals you will get:

  • Flexible choice of data plans from 3GB to 50GB. Mobile Hotspot sharing is supported
  • Best price guarantee: save up to 40-50% when purchasing from Gloka compared to buying a SIM card in Japan.
  • Travel plans: 7 days – 30 days.


+ This SIM card is compatible with mobile devices only, it is not recommended for tablets or Wi-Fi pockets

+ This SIM card does not have a phone number

+  This SIM card is a data SIM card and cannot make offline calls, please use call apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc.) to make online calls. If you are looking for a Japan travel SIM Card that can make calls, please see Japan Voice + Data SIM Card

Japan Data SIM Card Twise – Docomo/ KDDI (Au) Signals Detailed Description

Sim du lich quoc te Twise

Twise SIM card uses Docomo/ KDDI’s mobile network signal.

Easy to sign up: no passport information is needed, and no contract. We help you to activate the card according to your travel plans at no extra cost. The card is ready to use when you land in Japan, easy and convenient.

Plan duration: 7 days – 30 days.

Twise SIM card’s duration can be extended after activation (see more and “Extend Card’s duration”)

This card includes:

Mobile Internet

Available mobile data plans: 3GB/ 5GB/ 8GB/ 10GB/ 15GB/ 20GB/ 30GB/ 50GB (if data allowance is used up, speed is then throttled to 256Kbps).

Mobile hotspot sharing is supported.

Are you looking for an unlimited data product? Please see Japan Softbank Unlimited Data Sim Card

Toc do sim Nhat Ban Docomo: AU


The card is ready to use, please insert the SIM card into a mobile device and open Data Roaming to use when you arrive.

The period of validity of the SIM card you have selected runs from when the SIM card is inserted into a mobile device.


+ Please do not insert the card in Vietnam, as this may cause card failure.

+ Data roaming is always ON

Extend the card’s duration

Gloka offers a worry-free extension on the period of validity of the SIM card should your stay in Japan be extended. Please contact our customer service 3 days before the plan ends to purchase a top-up.


  • The card can only be extended by Gloka
  • Gloka can only provide top-up service for SIM cards we sell
  • The minimum top-up period is 3 days.

Terms and Conditions:

Please check our Terms and Conditions at this link before placing an order.

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