Australia Travel SIM Card Telstra 7 Days


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Australia Travel SIM Card Telstra 7 Days Short Description:

With the Australia Travel SIM Card Telstra 7 Days from Telstra Australia, you will get:

  • Voice & Text messages: Unlimited local calls and SMSes in Australia
  • Mobile data: 2GB of mobile data. Hotspot sharing is supported
  • International calls: – Unlimited international call to 17 countries (list in Detailed Product Description)
  • FREE Card activation service (learn more about this from our detailed product description)
  • Extend card’s duration: You can buy top-up vouchers from Telstra’s website if you wish to continue to use this SIM card after 7 days.


+ This SIM card is compatible with mobile devices only; it is not suitable for use with tablets or WI-FI pockets.

+ This SIM card does not have roaming service outside of Australia

Australia Travel SIM Card Telstra 7 Days Detailed Description:

This SIM card is a product of Telstra – the largest telecommunications company in Australia with nationwide coverage and the fastest 4G speed as of 2019.

Buying your Telstra SIM card from Gloka allows you to experience the same service as purchasing one at a Telstra store. We help you to activate the card according to your travel plans at no extra cost. The card is ready to use when you land in Australia, easy and convenient.

Talk and Text Messages

Unlimited Call & SMSes to the local phone numbers

International Calls

Unlimited calls to these countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam

Mobile Internet

2GB of mobile data (if data allowance is used up, the internet then stops).

Mobile hotspot sharing is supported.

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Gloka offers free activation, please insert the card to your device after you have cleared Australian Customs and it is ready to use.


+ Please provide us with the following information in order to activate the SIM card:

  • Your passport information
  • The date and time of your arrival in Australia

+ Due to strict regulation, the card can only be activated after Australian Customs Clearance. To avoid any delays in being able to use the service, please provide us with your estimated time of arrival. Activation of the SIM card takes place approximately 30 minutes after you have successfully passed through Australian Customs. Once activated, the SIM cards are ready for use.

Terms and Conditions:

Please check our Terms and Conditions at this link before placing an order.


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