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Sim du lịch quốc tế 130+ quốc gia
We created Gloka to bring you the most convenient way to book services for your travel experience

Our mission

At Gloka, we provide various international SIM cards and travel-related services. Our mission is to deliver quality products & services at the best prices, in a more convenient way. Just a few clicks to book activities, attractions and buy international SIM cards compared with the hassle of standing in queues and struggling with complicated activation procedures.

At Gloka, our aim is to make your international travel experience as worry-free as possible, by providing you with quality products and services at the best prices. Our international travel SIM cards allow you to book your travel services in just a few clicks instead of wasting your precious time queuing. We would rather you spent your well-deserved and hard earned holiday time enjoying the experience, than having to endure endless queues.

About our international travel SIM cards

Collaborating with top international and local telecommunication service providers has enabled us to offer our innovative products, which include international and local SIM cards, which provide a wide range of options to suit your needs in just one click. Choose from our wide range of local use and roaming SIM Cards with tailor-made voice and data packages to suit your needs and your budget.  Our international travel SIM card products enable seamless communication across 130+ countries and regions around the world, While buying a local use SIM card from us saves you time and money so that you can start using the SIM card as soon as you arrive at your destination. We guarantee that our products will save you time and money when compared with buying a SIM card at a local store on arrival at your travel destination.

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