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Customer review Europe

Daidi Hecht

“I planned a one month round trip through europe and thats when I found gloka. I choose the 10GB Plan for a month. 4G was fast and worked well in all countries I went to. (Austria,France, Italy, Spain, Portugal). Calls also were no problem at all. Delivery of the simcard was also super fast, just plug and play and I was ready to go. The service was also amazing, got an answer via email super quick.”

us sim card review

Education Coordinator

“Working in education industry, I have had the chance to travel internationally for my job. Since I knew about Gloka, I have used their international sim cards for my travels. The internet speed and coverage are great, their service and support are also top notch. I find the card is reliable and a great value for money. Thank you, Gloka.”

europe sim card review Gloka


“I was planning to revisit Europe then I learned about Gloka’s service from a friend. The SIM card worked quite well for France and England. Such a simple card to use, just plug and play. Overall good service and value, 5/5 will use again.”

Canada sim card review

HRD Manager

“Visited Canada with my wife to attend a wedding, and decided to try Gloka’s SIM card. Everything worked well, the internet was fast and we could use VOIP to call back home with no problem. The only thing faster than the internet in Canada was the speed of money leaving my wallet. Anyways, great product. Thank you, Gloka.”
Review southeast asia sim card

Ferdi and Van
Country Manager

“I am an Indonesian living in Vietnam, and my wife is Hanoian. We decided to travel to Bali, and I got her a Gloka SIM Card, while I used my old Indonesian SIM Card. The Gloka SIM card worked just as well as my SIM Card in Indonesia. And it worked even better than mine when we transited in Singapore. Top service, good customer support. For our next trip I will get one for myself too.”
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Trisha Lim
Web developer

I got a sim for Thailand. The mobile data so far has been pretty fast and reliable! It was also easy to set up.